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Dusita Restaurant
and Coffee Stop

The Restaurant offers its patrons authentic Thai food as well as international favourites and a wide selection of beverages and juices.

Guests have the choice of the relaxed air conditioned dining room or a Thai sala (gazebo) in a lush tropical setting.

The restaurant’s high standards have been recognised by Hua Hin local Ministry of Health.

Dusita Garden stretches some 160 meters behind the buildings. It is organic and aims to attract Wildlife especially birds and butterflies, as well as to please people.

The garden displays a wealth of tropical plants and trees, both native and exotic to Thailand. The style is naturalistic and incorporates in the design as much of the pre-existing vegetation as possible which lends it an air of maturity, despite being only two years old.

• Restaurant patrons are welcome to visit Dusita Garden and to use their cameras.

• WiFi is available in the restaurant.

• The premises is wheelchair friendly.

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