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Introduction to
Pala-U Scenic Park

The Park is designed to emulate the privately owned tropical gardens of the Hawaiian Islands which are so popular with tourists that the number of visitors per day has to be limited. The design takes account of modern thinking about the ecological role of private gardens in the environment bearing in mind that the climate is changing, storms are fiercer, flash floods more frequent and the dry season is more prolonged.

The Park is naturalistic in style and organic throughout. No existing tree or plant is needlessly destroyed but incorporated into the design. Thousands of trees, perennial shrubs, and plants have been grown over the years. New trees, both native and exotic, share equal pride of place. The objective is to meld the new and the old so that the observer cannot readily determine where artifice ends and nature begins. Complete ground cover is a requisite both to retain moisture and inhibit weeds. No reliance is placed on annual temperate plants similar to those grown in winter in the north.

Wild life gardens are increasingly popular in the west as an aid to maintaining biological diversity. The Park aims to be a tropical version of this concept. Hence, wild life, compatible with the overall aims of the Park, is encouraged by landscaping which meets its needs for food and shelter. The Park is virtually a bird sanctuary, butterfly haven, and a refuge for small mammals. All the wild inhabitants of the Park are there by choice and as a matter of principle no fauna have been introduced. The varied topography of the Park and the introduction of chemical free farming and gardening, contribute to the growing diversity of species.

The Park would appeal to gardeners, to all those that love flowers, who appreciate the beauty of the landscape, unpolluted fresh air and generally fine weather conditions.

It is not necessary to be a specialist to enjoy the Park.

As the 19th century American poet, WALT WHITMAN wrote:

You must not know too much or be too precise or scientific about birds and trees and flowers; a certain free margin, and even vagueness – ignorance, credulity – helps your enjoyment of these things.

A combination of the above factors gives the Park its special character. Some inkling of progress to date can be gained by viewing the photo gallery.


© Photography by staff member Thanit (Ton) Jitampai – all rights reserved.

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